Portable Washing Machine, Folding Mini Washing Machine Cleaner Semi-Automatic, Built-in Drain Pump FOR Travelling, Student In Hostels ,

Portable Folding Washing Machine Price = ₦40,000

Portable Folding Washing Maching Will Saves you Light, Soap, and Water good For Adult Wears or  Clothes Children wears  school Uniforms Socks  Student Wear and it saves space, is very suitable for travel and trips, 

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Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine Small Laundry Tub Wonder Magic Compact Washer Clothe Bucket With Spinner Blue .just press a button to start the washing machine. The turbine runs from forward 20 seconds to reverse 20 seconds, which is a cycle that repeats six times. In the washing process, the ozone generation time is 10 minutes, 5 minutes after the completion of cleaning, the console automatically closes



✔Folding design: small and convenient, only 3.6 inches thick, it saves space, is very suitable for travel and trips, let us give you an unplanned.

  • ✔Simple operation: This folding portable washing machine allows you to simply load 0.3 kg of clothes, fill it with water, set a timer, and start washing. Energy saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity, it has a powerful suction cup, so there is no need to worry about shaking.
  • ✔Design: It has a fully automatic cleaning function that makes your clothes super clean without residue and irritants. Suitable for those who can’t use large machines, others like washing things alone or saving time to avoid going to the laundry.
  • ✔Easy to carry: Mini washers are perfect for washing light clothes that require separate cleaning, such as ties, T-shirts, underwear and baby clothes. Suitable for dormitories, apartments, business trips, travel and other occasions.
  • ✔Exquisite packaging: The folding mini washing machine comes with a beautiful suitcase and storage bag for easy carrying and gift giving
  • it has high-frequency vibration function, a set of blue light, ozone generator function, 58 DB mute.
  •  Operation and safety: totally enclosed touc console.
  • The second generation multi-functional design: it has high-frequency vibration function, a set of blue light, ozone generator function, 58 DB mute.
  • Operation and safety: totally enclosed touch console.
  •  Material: ABS / TPR, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and tasteless. It can clean baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels, T-Shirts, toys, fruits and vegetables. It can be used in dormitory, apartment, camping, business trip.
  •  Note: This equipment is not suitable for washing large and heavy clothes such as jeans!

How To Use Portable Washing Machine

A portable washing machine can be a big convenience. You don’t have to worry about machines filling up at laundromats or your apartment’s laundry room, and it’s cheaper and smaller than a full-sized machine. Using a portable washer is fairly simple. You use water from your sink to fill and drain the washer, washing small loads of clothing at a time. Make sure to read your instruction manual before filling the washer, as precise

*Loading the Machine

*Hook up the hose to a faucet

*Plug in the appliance and start the wash


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