Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice Function, USB & LED Screen

Works with 4 x AAA Batteries and USB Adapter

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Now you can MEASURE and MONITOR your Blood Pressure & Heart Rate from the Comfort of your Room, Office and so on. You don’t have to rush down to the Hospital each time to Check your Blood Pressure. That Era is Over.!!!

Product Detail

Are you concerned about having high blood pressure or have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, using a monitoring device at home when you feel more relaxed may be helpful. It can give you a better picture of your blood pressure than just looking at the readings taken during a routine appointment, which may be raised due you to feeling anxious or stressed about your visit to the doctor. It also has a Voice Function that reads out the value of your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate; It also tells you whether your Blood Pressure is Normal or Abnormal.

Blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day, so taking several readings throughout the day is a more reliable way to assess if your blood pressure is consistently high or low. This doesn’t mean that you need to be obsessed about checking it all the time, as this itself may increase your blood pressure and anxiety.

In order to maintain a good health for yourself and your family, there is need for BP Monitor. Our products have been known for their standard and substantial quality,

Our Blood Pressure Monitor X180 is a well known blood pressure machine because of it accurate and balanced blood pressure readings and it fully certified by WHO.



Benefits of Using Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.

1. Large Screen Display

 Electronic blood pressure monitor is very user friendly which makes it simple, and easy to use.

2. Very EASY to Use

Electronic blood pressure monitor comes with a large screen display which means your results are easy to read.

3. Excellent QUALITY!

The arm cuff range is from 22 cm to 42 cm (small to large), which means it can used by all sizes of people.

4. Accurate Reading

The accuracy of the measurements of the device is confirmed.

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