Electric easy car-jack utilizes this power source  individuals End having to exert any energy.

Electric Hydraulic Scissors Car Jack Kit – 5 Ton Electric Car Jack Stand Four In One Jack Set for Sedans SUV Floor Jack for Tire Change and Road Emergency with Integrated Tire Pump and Impact Wrench

Perfect Car Partner: It’s necessary to equip your car with a set of jack. If you are far away from auto repair shops or like long-distance travel, don’t miss this electric car jack kit. Instead of tedious manual disassembly, any adult can easily change the tire without asking for help from others or going to the car repair shop. Car jacks are indispensable helper for garages, farms, highways, and long trips.

Equip Yourself With This Must Have Tool Smart Car Owners Are Using To Stresslessly  Change And Pump Their Flat Tires

Electric Hydraulic Scissors Car Jack

  • 🧰Best Choice for Sedan & SUV: The jack head fit for both Sedan and SUV, cars under 3 ton can be easily lifted. It can be connected to either a 12 V car cigarette lighter or car battery, it is a necessary repair tool when run into roadside emergencies. Permanently lubricated DC motor can ensure the stable operation of the jack. Built-in LED lights are bright enough to change tires in the dark. The jack dopts a fully enclosed design, which is completely waterproof and does not leak oil.
  • 🧰Safety Guarantee: When the car jack reaches the maximum height, it will stop working automatically. The protruding particles on the top of the jack can increase the friction. The self-locking structure of the jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the safety of the car and people. The internal circuit breaker of the jack can protect your car from overload.
  • 🧰Professional Multi-function Toolbox: Each part has its own hole position, they will be precisely embedded in the box even in severe turbulence. Velcro stickers on the outside of the box prevent the toolbox from sliding in the car. The compact case design is very space-saving and can be placed under the car seat, the toolbox is easy to carry. The red triangle outside the box can be used as a warning sign, you don’t have to look around for a warning sign when changing tires.

Quick and Easy

Our hydraulic car jack takes about one minute to reach a max. height (17.7in) with max. load capacity as high as 3 ton, lifting range 5.9-17.7in, fit for most cars.

It is designed to save your effort and time, instead of tedious manual disassembly, just flick a switch, a car will be lifted, any adult can easily change the tire without asking for help from others or going to the car repair shop.

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