Tested Powerful Battery Charger , Small But Mighty Battery Charger .Stop Begging Or Asking For Help From Stranger Battery On The High way To Connect Or Power Your Car Battery !!!!


Every person should Get Jump Starter to  jump-start a dead car battery  even at Emergency Situation— It s An Amazing Machine To Have  Having a  jump  Starter  will save you time and money so you don’t have to call a tow truck. While most people will wave down a passerby or call a friend to help with the Battery Chargers . NO Need of calling or begging for help on the high way.

Jumpstarter Color Comes in Red Yellow And Green

The High Power Multi-function Car Jump Starter With Tyre Inflator handles emergency with ease . It completely eliminates stress that comes with sudden car battery failure, or urgent need to recharge like phones and laptops without electricity supply

Function to Charge Laptops

  • Start your car in case of an emergency battery failure

    Charge your  Laptops


    Charge your Mobile phones


    Use the 3 mode torchlight in the dark


    Use it as a hazard light 


    Use the blade attached in case of emergency


    Jumpstart your car 20 times in one full charge


    Use it to power your tyre inflator (just in case you decide to get that too)


    Use the hammer attached in case of emergenc

How to Jump Start a Car Battery

  1. Start the working car.
  2. Wait for a minute or two. Depending on your battery’s age, and how long since it stopped working, you are required to let the car run for a few minutes to allow the jump to work.
  3. Now try starting the inoperative car.  allow the functional automobile to charge the battery for a few more minutes  On a few occasions, moderately revving the engine of the operative car while charging the lifeless battery may help.
  4. Once the defunct car is running, you can start disconnecting the jumper cables, beginning with the black (negative) cable clamps. However, don’t let the clamps touch one another while any part of the jumper cables is still connected to a car.
  5. Now, go for a drive. It will enable the battery to build up a charge. Also, the drive will allow the car’s alternator to charge off the battery and assure that your battery won’t die again once you switch off the engine

Jump Starter,  It uses high-current battery that supports fast charging, low self-discharge, up to 3,000 charging cycles. Strong enough to jump start your car approx. 30 times when fully charged.

Note – Please be sure you are FULLY ready for this Product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order. 

We are making this Payment on Delivery based on trust. Please be sure you are FULLY ready for this product(s) and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order 

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